Hums & Odd Waters

Recently, I’ve been grappling with the idea of feeling bad while simultaneously good weird. How everything is a balancing act—because Earth is a weird planet and being human is a weird ride. Sometimes I’d prefer to be a tardigrade (though that may come with another level of complexity). In these wavering moments of bad weird, I remind myself: bathe in music.

So, let’s dive in.


Due to Helen Earth’s influence, I’ve been oddly into modern, post-hardcore from Ireland. Specifically, we love the groups Fontaines D.C. and Girl Band (below). To describe the latter, I’ll summon the words of Frootsnax, who held a rosy boa as we played him the ‘Pears for Lunch’ 7 inch. With the small snake wrapping itself around his fingers, Frootsnax went blank-eyed halfway through the track and said: “This music sounds like the hum that occurs beneath my inner voice of insecurity and self-criticism.”

Maybe that’s why we like it (that hum is endless (stays there (is it a peaceful place we wanna reach? (I hope we each reach it (someday).

From another continent comes my other lingering obsession over the past week to couple years: 1970s-90s South African pop. Once I’m released from the throes of researching a college thesis, I’ll write a post detailing this genre. For now, these are IMHO two great places to begin. If you wanna hear more from and/or read more about Om Alec Khaoli, head over here. And to learn about the legend that is Brenda Fassie, check out her mini-biography here.

Lastly, to top it off, queen of hats and someone who is not afraid to go full weird: Aldous Harding. I’ve been looping her videos for a while now and can’t get enough of her new release Designer. Make sure to watch this music video to the end. She’s truly performative—encompassing and paddling through the waters of good weird with both control and inhibition. It’s refreshing.


Thanks for swimming with me.