Feelings & Things

As of today, FGW now has a blog! This is a first post just to kick things off. Not sure if there will be a set schedule or what but likely it’ll exist as an impromptu space for thoughts & things on music & literature—fairly freeform, as my radio show tends to be. Oh, on that—have you heard? I will now be on KALX 90.7FM every other Sunday 9a-noon starting July 14th, alternating each week with DJ Helen Earth. She’ll teach you all about punk & snakes & science. I’ll teach you about why it’s okay if your brain sometimes melts into a million globules and you can’t seem to find a way to put it back together and then you do and you’re like WHOA I did it, I put the pieces of myself back together and now I more understand weird ways I feel. Like, feeeeeel feel.

Here’s what we drew on the KALX station calendar to commemorate our new life:


&&& I also would like to point you to three cinematic recent releases I’ve had on repeat. This weekend I worked at Burger Boogaloo and am very sleepy so I will just link them and let you feel them rather than explain what I feel about them.

Also, I’m almost through submissions for FGW #02 and will get back to everyone soon! Future zines will be rolling submissions. Stay tooned.