Hums & Odd Waters

Recently, I’ve been grappling with the idea of feeling bad while simultaneously good weird. How everything is a balancing act—because Earth is a weird planet and being human is a weird ride. Sometimes I’d prefer to be a tardigrade (though that may come with another level of complexity). In these wavering moments of bad weird, I remind myself: bathe in music.

So, let’s dive in.


Due to Helen Earth’s influence, I’ve been oddly into modern, post-hardcore from Ireland. Specifically, we love the groups Fontaines D.C. and Girl Band (below). To describe the latter, I’ll summon the words of Frootsnax, who held a rosy boa as we played him the ‘Pears for Lunch’ 7 inch. With the small snake wrapping itself around his fingers, Frootsnax went blank-eyed halfway through the track and said: “This music sounds like the hum that occurs beneath my inner voice of insecurity and self-criticism.”

Maybe that’s why we like it (that hum is endless (stays there (is it a peaceful place we wanna reach? (I hope we each reach it (someday).

From another continent comes my other lingering obsession over the past week to couple years: 1970s-90s South African pop. Once I’m released from the throes of researching a college thesis, I’ll write a post detailing this genre. For now, these are IMHO two great places to begin. If you wanna hear more from and/or read more about Om Alec Khaoli, head over here. And to learn about the legend that is Brenda Fassie, check out her mini-biography here.

Lastly, to top it off, queen of hats and someone who is not afraid to go full weird: Aldous Harding. I’ve been looping her videos for a while now and can’t get enough of her new release Designer. Make sure to watch this music video to the end. She’s truly performative—encompassing and paddling through the waters of good weird with both control and inhibition. It’s refreshing.


Thanks for swimming with me.


Breathe In(fo Overload)

In voice class this week, my teacher emphasized: Singing is not something we hear, but something we feel. He gave us homework: Breathe. Huh. I breathe. But do I breathe, breathe? How come sometimes I forget to breathe? Or that I’m breathing? How do I remember to forget that I’m subconsciously remembering to breathe?

I should do my homework.


I extended this homework to Beast Monster Thing on Wednesday night, when we hosted KALX’s weekly experimental radio show Information Overload. She breathed, loud, into the mic. We asked the listeners to breathe with us. Was anyone? Were you? Are you breathing right now? Yeah. I love hosting Information Overload. I call it deejay yoga, because it pushes us outside the song → song → song format. It’s a show that wants you to stretch and play eight tracks simutaneously.

Beneath poems, screams, an Ursula K. Le Guin story and live soft-spoken French, here are three of the songs we layered:

On the ethereal side, ‘Hochu’ by Tomoyoshi Date and Stijn Hüwels is a beautiful ambient release from Tokyo label Home Normal. It’ll hum and hold you. And ‘The Weight of History’ was a surprise to me. Somehow, I missed until last week that Brian Eno collaborated with Kevin Shields (of My Bloody Valentine) for Record Store Day. Now that I’m caught up—hello, I ship this textural union 100%.

On the upbeat side, ‘Seyni’ is a Sahel Sounds release in which Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla plays Mauritanian WZN, an instrumental genre that has become a form of pop music (because pop can be anything muahah). It’s synthy. It’s brain melty. We layered three Enya songs at once after it. Yes: three. I’ve had this itch to play an excess of Enya on the radio. People tend to pigeonhole her. My mom used to put on Enya CDs for me every night. I’d fall asleep to Enya...every night. So her music is basically like my childhood lullabies. Are you going to question my lullabies? Should I link some Enya? No. I’ll leave finding Enya up to you. You can find her. Enya is everywhere. I believe in you. Enya believes in you.

Breathe out.


Feelings & Things

As of today, FGW now has a blog! This is a first post just to kick things off. Not sure if there will be a set schedule or what but likely it’ll exist as an impromptu space for thoughts & things on music & literature—fairly freeform, as my radio show tends to be. Oh, on that—have you heard? I will now be on KALX 90.7FM every other Sunday 9a-noon starting July 14th, alternating each week with DJ Helen Earth. She’ll teach you all about punk & snakes & science. I’ll teach you about why it’s okay if your brain sometimes melts into a million globules and you can’t seem to find a way to put it back together and then you do and you’re like WHOA I did it, I put the pieces of myself back together and now I more understand weird ways I feel. Like, feeeeeel feel.

Here’s what we drew on the KALX station calendar to commemorate our new life:


&&& I also would like to point you to three cinematic recent releases I’ve had on repeat. This weekend I worked at Burger Boogaloo and am very sleepy so I will just link them and let you feel them rather than explain what I feel about them.

Also, I’m almost through submissions for FGW #02 and will get back to everyone soon! Future zines will be rolling submissions. Stay tooned.